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Picspam part 2/2: Glastonbury, more Wells, a wonderful Pub evening and Bristol

First part was here: Picspam part 1/2: Avalon 2006, Bishop's Palace, Wells - with Richard Dean Anderson & Amanda Tapping

On Sunday, the rain had stopped and we had beautiful weather. Just as well for our bus trip which started at the front of Wells Cathedral:

 photo 100_1412400x300.jpg

This is Glastonbury Abbey:

 photo 34-Glastonbury Abbey-klein.jpg

 photo 100_1419 600 x 450.jpg

 photo 100_1417 600 x 450.jpg

This is what it used to look like:

 photo 100_1425 600 x 450.jpg

Back home in Wells, my brother and I walked around the cathedral a bit:

 photo 100_1427 600 x 450.jpg

 photo 100_1426-klein.jpg

 photo 100_1428 600 x 450.jpg

 photo 100_1429 450 x 600.jpg

 photo 100_1432 600 x 450.jpg

 photo 100_1430 450 x 600.jpg

 photo 100_1435 450 x 600.jpg

 photo 100_1437 600 x 450.jpg

We only had a quick peek inside and I regret now that we didn’t dare venturing on, but this is what it looks like from the inside (screenshot from “Galavant”). You may also recognize this from a “Doctor Who” episode. Which was filmed there just three weeks before I happened to be there, but I was not a fan yet at the time.

 photo Galavant3 500 x 279.jpg

Next we intended to head back to the Bishop's palace and walk around more, as we hadn't been allowed on Saturday, but on our way there we passed a shop of the National Trust and we looked at every single item as they were all so british and so awesome. Two hours later we emerged with three big bags and it was dark by the time.

But the best thing happed on Sunday evening. By lucky coincidence I met a girl I knew from the MacGyver forum. I approached her when she was walking down the street as I recognized the Avalon bag she carried and then we realized we know each other. She invited us to a pub where apparently others would celebrate the last evening. It's where I met Paya from Prague and we have become close friends since.

That evening was awesome, we were a bunch of international people, singing pub songs like "What shall we do with a drunken sailor" and then some fans also logged into the TV from their laptops and showed pictures of the con and we stood there, arm in arm, feeling quite blue.

The song "Nothing compars 2U" which was played at this moment will always have a special meaning to me because of this, as the words fit our experience quite well. Somehow we knew while this was the first con with RDA, it could not be the last one. We promised each other to come back next year. Well, it took two years actually, and it was Vancouver instead of Wells, but close enough!

They had put up a Stargate in the pub, and whenever the siren yelled everyone got free beer:

 photo 41-gate 600 x 413.jpg

 photo 100_1456 600 x 450.jpg

On Monday, we flew back home from Bristol. But only in the afternoon, which gave us time to explore the city a bit. Together with new friend Paya.

I wanted to see the famous Clifton Suspension bridge. I encountered it again many years later when John Barrowman did the TV show “Ancient Road Trip” and drove over the bridge. I may have squealed ;)

 photo 100_1472 600 x 450.jpg

 photo 100_1475 600 x 450.jpg

The observatory:

 photo 100_1474 600 x 450.jpg

Some more pics of Bristol:

 photo 100_1508 600 x 450.jpg

 photo 100_1509 600 x 450.jpg

We squealed loudly when finding this place:

 photo 100_1516.jpg

And somewhere at the bus stop is still hanging the umbrella of my brother...
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