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Art: Crafty stuff

For another page I went and photographed some of my old crafts I did as a child. My mother has kept them all!

Acorns and other nature stuff:

 photo DSC05078.jpg

 photo DSC05096.jpg

FIMO (which was called Suralin in Eastern Germany times) - I'll have to explain that one. It's from after 1989 when we were able to see TV from Western Germany and watched happily everything, even commercials ;) This one is a "Cough", it was coughing all the time. My mother liked it so much that I made one for her:

 photo DSC05094.jpg

I also made Tigger by pausing the video and drawing the pose. I am still pretty proud about this one:

 photo DSC05085.jpg

The houses of the snails are real:

 photo DSC05091.jpg

My dragon:

 photo DSC05109.jpg

My little brother's dragon:

 photo DSC05111.jpg


 photo DSC05118.jpg

Salt dough:

 photo DSC05101.jpg

 photo DSC05104.jpg


 photo DSC05081.jpg
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