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When fandoms collide - Star Trek Continues meets Torchwood

I've talked about "Star Trek Continues" before here:

In the meantime the fifth episode came out and I am seriously addicted to this show. The light, the sets, the camera work, the costumes, the special effects - everything is as close to the original as possible. And Vic is a very convincing Kirk. Sometimes he looks and sounds like William Shatner.

Can't wait for the next episode. If you are a "Star Trek" fan and don't know this yet, watch it! (just don't start with number one which is the weakest in my opinion)

While I was scrolling through pictures on the STC Facebook page I suddenly saw a familiar face. John Barrowman kissing Vic Mignogna. That happened in 2014 in Orlando. So, this picture has two captains, Captain Kirk and Captain Harkness!

Would be cool if John's phone number was now in Vic's book for a possible role in a future episode... ♥ *dreams*

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