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Picspam: Striezelmarkt 2015

What a difference to my post from 2013

 photo DSC05527.jpg

 photo DSC05528.jpg

 photo DSC05520.jpg

 photo DSC05521.jpg

 photo DSC05522.jpg

These Herrnhut stars were even used in the London Harrod's warehouse one time:

 photo DSC05529.jpg

 photo DSC05498.jpg

 photo DSC05513.jpg

 photo DSC05487.jpg

 photo DSC05477.jpg

 photo DSC05481.jpg

 photo DSC05479.jpg

Pflaumentoffel - the symbol of our market. Little kids would make these guys from dried plums and sell them:

 photo DSC05474.jpg

There is a competition who has the best decorated stall:

 photo DSC05473.jpg

 photo DSC05507.jpg

 photo DSC05503.jpg

 photo DSC05502.jpg

 photo DSC05494.jpg

 photo DSC05485.jpg

This stall had an oven:

 photo DSC05492.jpg

Another oven - I loved this one:

 photo DSC05501.jpg

 photo DSC05491.jpg

 photo DSC05489.jpg

Some of the things you can buy:

 photo DSC05504.jpg

 photo DSC05506.jpg

 photo DSC05530.jpg

 photo DSC05510.jpg

 photo DSC05509.jpg

 photo DSC05464.jpg

Last year I bought the penguin with the bucket and the fish, this year the one with the baby on its belly. I intend to buy one each year and make a collection. They are too cute!

 photo DSC05465.jpg

 photo DSC05464-1.jpg

 photo DSC05466.jpg

 photo DSC05468.jpg

On the way home:

 photo DSC05531.jpg

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