Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Hauls: Mezco's 1:12 Spock

Look what I bought yesterday. Isn't that absolutely amazing?
My friend Saida gave me this link and at first I was confused. Because usually small figures (6") are made from plastic, large figures (12", like Barbie) have real clothes you can take off. But now this company makes small figures with real clothes! And the face is so realistic, it beats any other figure I have of Spock so far.

So even with this price - $70 - I just couldn't resist. Here you can read more about him but the link given at the page is only shipping to the US. There are other shops in the internet though that have him, I even managed to find a German one. He'll come out next April/May. I hope we soon will get a Kirk to go with him!

 photo mezco-spock1-12202015.jpg

 photo mezcospock3-12202015-500x500.jpg

 photo mezcospock2-12-20-2015-500x500.jpg
Tags: action figures, hauls, star trek

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