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Christmas gifts 2015

In our family we don't do big or expensive gifts, but we always find something small, nice and lovely. This year I got especially nice things which I want to share.

The first gift before Christmas had been this box from a friend with self made chocolates which were VERY tasty:

 photo DSC05552.jpg

And I got a self-made John-Barrowman-concert calendar from another friend:

 photo DSC06272.jpg

A New York puzzle from my brother - and the fun part is, it is not rectangle, but it is really the skyline:

 photo DSC05733.jpg

Also from my brother: A William Shatner DVD! It callts itself "collection" but there are only two movies on it: "Free Enterprise" and "Groom Lake". At least they include the English language, I wouldn't have wanted to watch in German.

 photo DSC05711.jpg

A placemat - my brother got the same with an hedgehog:

 photo DSC05732.jpg

A calendar with lovely animals:

 photo DSC05734.jpg

Bed linen with New York skyline. With all those New York gifts this year - how did they know that I plan to fly to New York whenever John does a concert there? ;)

 photo DSC05737.jpg

A new pyjama:

 photo DSC05736.jpg

One of my favorite gifts - my mother knows me really well. Little London and Paris tree decorations - aren't they cute?

 photo DSC05739.jpg

A plush teddy and a straw racoon from my grandmother:

 photo DSC05741.jpg

A sleeping mask from my brother:

 photo DSC05742.jpg

Breakfast board, for my ever growing cow collection

 photo DSC05744.jpg

A Shaun the sheep pencil, and a sheep for my eraser collection

 photo DSC05751.jpg

Small buckets and garden tools for my figures - I already used the little rake today for the Zen garden!

 photo DSC05758.jpg

A keyring suricat and a light tower. I love all things that have to do with the sea, and shells etc. From my travel to the North Sea in Summer, I got my mother two seals lying on beach towels in return.

 photo DSC05763.jpg

The snowman is a small clothespin, if you look carefully, and the reindeer is actually a nail file!

 photo DSC05765.jpg

A light bow from my brother:

 photo DSC05767.jpg

True to its name, it lights up (I used this and other things today to light out an action figure scene. Very versatile stuff LOL)

 photo DSC05768.jpg

This guy sadly had lost an arm without my mother realizing. I'll have to see what I can do about it. Nothing a bit of Milliput can't fix I guess.

 photo DSC05770.jpg

I used to have a wonderful snowglobe which played three Christmas songs, sadly it leaked and I had to throw it away. So I got a new one and I really like it. It is a music box and plays "We wish you a merry Christmas":

 photo DSC05774.jpg

The snow is so small, it stays in the air for very long and looks beautiful. Not like those cheap snow globes where it all falls down at once.

 photo DSC05776.jpg

This guy is from my brother - not sure whether it's a dog or a reindeer?

 photo DSC05780.jpg

One can always use Tempos / paper handkerchieves:

 photo DSC05782.jpg

An angel from my grandmother:

 photo DSC05783.jpg

And that's Omi herself:

 photo DSC05784.jpg

And I forgot the golden deer I also got. The two trees I bought yesterday in addition in our flower shop. They fit lovely together!

 photo DSC07000 600 x 400.jpg

And this guy I bought for myself, because I liked him so much. There were three different kinds, the other two were red and had different stuff with them:

 photo DSC05788.jpg

Look at all the nice details!

 photo DSC05790.jpg

 photo DSC05793.jpg

 photo DSC05720.jpg

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