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Customizing: Miniature Zen Garden

After making the Japanese Wall panels with my neighbour's picture frame I was searching the web for one of those miniature Zen gardens for the desk. There are lovely ones out there, for example this one:

Or you can go really expensive with this one:

But I didn't feel like chucking out money not only for the garden but also shipping and possible custom fees if sent from America, for something that is basically a frame filled with sand and three stones. And then it occured to me: I can do that. I already have the sand and the stones and even a small rake, just fresh this Christmas - all I need is a deep picture frame which is more like a shadow box.

So I went and bought a cheap picture frame in the pound/dollar shop. Costs: 1,50 Euro.

 photo DSC05825.jpg

As it was blue and not black like I wanted, I painted it quickly with a sharpie / Edding.

 photo DSC05829.jpg

I was even lazy and didn't do the backsides that don't show on the pic ;)

 photo DSC05833.jpg

And voilá!

 photo DSC05882.jpg

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