Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing: Star Trek "A private little war"

This is what I did today - the vest from the TOS episode "A private little war". I glued together fabric and leather stripes. Sewing did not work. The fabric was given to me for free in a curtain store, how neat is that? The figure is not finished yet, I'll also do the pants and boots (and I just realized he misses the leather straps on his arms). But I wanted to show off the vest. The hardest part was actually making those tiny bowknots. With a tweezer. I don't think I'll ever undress him again ;)

This is how I started out - the right Kirk was the Mirror Mirror Kirk, I just removed his golden vest:

 photo DSC07312.jpg

Preparation - from watching the episode:

 photo DSC07315.jpg

Guess what this will become?

 photo DSC07317.jpg

 photo DSC07319.jpg

It took a while finding out how much glue to apply so it would hold but not leave stain marks:

 photo DSC07338.jpg

 photo DSC07341.jpg

Here you can see that simply painting the lines would not have been an option:

 photo DSC07344.jpg

 photo DSC07346.jpg

 photo DSC07351.jpg

 photo DSC07719.jpg

 photo DSC07726.jpg

 photo vest.jpg
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