Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT Stargate: Valentine's Day - Barbecue at the beach

For all the Sam and Jack shippers here - yes sharp2799 I am looking at you ;) Hope this will warm you up!

This is an old story from 2008 but I did not have my LJ back then and never posted it in here. As usual, the whole story behind the cut:

 photo Grillen1.jpg

 photo Grillen2.jpg

 photo Grillen3.jpg

After a while Jack has a whole plate full with steaks, and at the grill now lie sausages and shashlik, and he calls Sam over to get something while he is drinking from his beer bottle:

 photo Grillen4.jpg

Sam reluctantly leaves her beach chair to get something to eat:

 photo Grillen5.jpg
Tags: action figures - stargate

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