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Back home!

I arrived back home on Saturday afternoon. I'm looking through my pictures now, trying to bring my thoughts into an order and might share some stories of MTM and what else we did in Vancouver over the next days. Just give me a little time, please.

Met many, many people. Met old friends and made several new ones and became a bit of famous myself with showing around the action figure pictures. I also constantly was melting away by RDA's sheer presence. Seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to go see him live - do it. It cannot be told with words how he plays the stage. What a difference from that first shy try four years ago. He is lovely and childish and funny and lovely and cute and good looking and did I mention lovely? He also cannot be still for one minute, always in motion. He does not at all look like a 60 years old guy and you can see the pride in his eyes whenever he speaks about his daughter. I think he does a great job raising her as a single father.

The rest of the days in Vancouver were over way too quickly, we did a lot of things, but even if I said before this would be my last time there, I want to come back now. So much more to see and do, such a wonderful city.

Yesterday I went to an open air live audio play called "Dracula" with several famous German dubbers/voice actors. There was Oliver Rohrbeck from ??? who also speaks Ben Stiller, Detlef Bierstedt who we know as George Clooney, Erich Räuker who is the German Jack O'Neill from "Stargate" (now you know why I was there ;) ), Martin Keßler who is the voice of Nicholas Cage, and two more whose names slip me at the moment. There also was one musician and a foley artist doing all the noises and sounds. It was very interesting to watch his work.

For the Germans, I just found that you can download the play here:

Some different actors in there, but the story seems to be the same. We liked it very much. Afterwards they even gave autographs and I regretted not having anything for Erich Räuker. Wouldn't that have been fun to let him sign on the same page like RDA did last week? Bet he would have been surprised ;)

@ maggi137 You can send that parcel now ;)
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