Antje (dieastra) wrote,

Customizing: Barbie sofa

I've started to upgrade my Barbie sofa with fabric tape. Best stuff ever invented! I got the sofa used, and the pink has lost its color. Which is especially a problem if you change it into a bed. I also don't like the cushions that come with it, they look cheap and when someone is sitting, they slide down all the time. I intend to do new cushions with this tape as well. Maybe I'll use a sponge or something.

I plan to do them in beige with white dots, to liven it a little bit up. Would have liked to do the armrests in a darker color but they only had either beige or red and blue. First roll already is empy just for the two sides, so I just bought some more today. If you look closely you can see the lines from the tape but I am sure in pictures from far away they will blur.

 photo DSC00055.jpg

 photo DSC00104.jpg

 photo DSC00092.jpg

 photo DSC00100.jpg

 photo DSC00091.jpg
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