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Locations: "The Flash" was filmed at Cleveland Dam Vancouver

I just watched the Flash episode from this week (02x16 "Trajectory") and recognized Cleveland Dam in the beginning scene! I was there in 2008 when we were at Gatecon Vancouver. We went to the dam as it was a filming location for Richard Dean Anderson's movie "Beyond Betrayal". I am also pretty sure it was here were Arrow had his final fight with Ra's al Ghul. So, have some pictures! I wonder where the first scene is from, when they throw the stone into the water? As there are fences everywhere? You don't see a fence when they are standing at the cliff.

More pictures under the cut!


 photo Screenshot2.jpg

And these are my pics (sorry for the bad quality):

 photo P8300603.jpg

 photo P8300604.jpg

 photo P8300616.jpg

 photo P8300609.jpg

 photo P8300613.jpg

 photo P8300615.jpg

 photo P8300635.jpg

 photo P8300634.jpg

 photo P8300659.jpg

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