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Meme: Things I learnt this month

tinnny has this great meme once a month where she writes something she has learnt for each day of the month. I won't do it like that, just randomly add new things I learnt. Let's see how many that will be over a month (I've started late this month, half of it is over already)

- I watched the movie "Bobby" about the last day in the life of Robert Kennedy and the people in the hotel he was shot. One girl wanted to marry her class mate to save his life so he was more likely to be shipped to Germany instead of Vietnam. But because many did this it was changed later:

- They only had showers with warm water in Alcatraz so the prisoners could not get used to the cold water and swim away:

- I thought I knew about art but before tinnny's post here I had never before heard of Fauvism. I do like colorful art though! I used to be more strict and only preferred art that looked "real" (the more real, the better, like Canaletto or Spitzweg) but lately I appreciate everything where I at least can recognize what it is supposed to be and don't mind a more modern approach. I can't wrap my head around just colorful lines or a white square. I can't help thinking "I could do that as well" ;)

- The UK had cool kitchen clocks in the 50s - 70s which is not only a normal wall clock but also includes a kitchen timer. Never seen anything like this before cookielaura posted about them:

- The difference between "thou" and "you": "You" is formal, used when talking to someone of a higher status. "Thou" and "thee" are more informal, used to address someone of a lower class. When Kent adresses King Lear as "thou" he was very insulting. When Hamlet refuses to address his mother as "though", he is being distant and confrontational.
I guess for Germans with the difference between "du" and "Sie" the concept is easier to grasp! Why has nobody ever told me this?

- The Easter bunny is a German thing. Who would've thought?

- I watched a German movie about Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, the brothers that first worked together but then hated each other and founded Adidas and Puma. It was well done and I learnt a lot that I hadn’t known before:
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