Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT rectified: Uhura wants to sing

A few weeks ago I posted a picture story with the Star Trek figures wanting to collect money for more "Star Trek Continues" episodes here

I had Scotty repairing space-ships, and McCoy becoming a bartender, and Sulu giving lessons in sword-fighting... and Uhura baking cookies. The inspiration for that came from a recent discussion about girl scouts selling cookies, and it was just the first that came into mind. I did it despite knowing I may get (rightfully so) flak for it for it being women stereotypical but I thought I could get away with it as it fitted the zeitgeist of the original series in the Sixties.

Turned out, other people had better ideas. Zetablarian on Tumblr suggested translation work, which I thought was very good, and WeirdLittleStories on AO3 had the idea with Uhura singing. So I re-did her picture and here she is:

 photo STC03-1 600 x 487.jpg
Tags: action figures - star trek, star trek continues

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