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La Cage Aux Folles with Uwe Kröger and Dieter Landuris

Just home from seeing "La Cage Aux Folles" - sadly not with John Barrowman, which I still regret missing (I only had found out in September 2009 that he was actually singing so that was a bit late for it) but with Uwe Kröger as Albin and Dieter Landuris as Georges, who both also were very good. It was a bit weird hearing the songs in German but it worked. I can't decide which earworm I am having right now, it's a mix between "Song on the Sand" and "La Cage Aux Folles"
We laughed a lot, there were even homages to Dinner for One and Elizabeth, and lots of great guys in great costumes. Also the same guys just in speedos for a scene outside which also was very much appreciated by the audience

For the finale even the uptight parents of Anne donned feather boas and dresses which was a nice idea. And of course all of them wearing simple white at the end - stunning.

There is a video you can watch. Here's the link:

 photo 4eca53d856a9e2c6fac89b356347ce35.jpg

 photo 95ac2006aeb26b578f82eb1002336fab.jpg

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