Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT: Richard Dean Anderson and the Halo Master Chief

A while ago a co-worker of my brother asked me if I wanted a figure for free. The hand was broken and I could easily glue it. I have become a sanctuary for unwanted figures now!
I had no idea who this figure was but the more I looked at him the more I realized that I HAVE seen it before. When Richard Dean Anderson was in Ireland and promoted a video game. Funny how life runs in circles sometimes! So, this is the Halo Master Chief. I already did some funny pictures with him here and here

But I always had wanted to do a similar picture like that with Rick. Unfortunately, they don't match in size. So this is for elrhiarhodan, showing you why probably Jack never can sail in the boat :(

 photo P4120009.jpg

Here's how I cheat:

 photo P4120010.jpg

So I could at least do this pose:

 photo Projekt1_1.jpg

But would have loved this - Jack also sadly can't put his arm sideways, no ballpoint shoulder joint:

 photo richard-dean-anderso.jpg
Tags: action figures - other, richard dean anderson

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