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MTM report - Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown at our table

Previously - Part 3: Dinner with Richard Dean Anderson

This entry is about the rest of the dinner on Thursday, August 5th. Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown visited our table as well, and we talked and laughed a lot with them.

Part 4: Dan Shea, Barry Campbell and Paul Brown at our table

After Rick had left us we got more visitors on our table. Barry Campbell, who was the commander of The 2009 Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS 2009) and had brought the „Stargate“ film team to the Arctic. He is a fan himself and a very fun man to chat with – he even wore a Stargate wrist watch! During the coming weekend he hosted two talks where he told us in all details about how the movie "Continuum" was shot in the Arctic.

A Picture from Penjab, showing Barry Campbell:

There was a sentence Barry said quite a few times (regarding Rick): "Never upstage the star."

Paul Brown came as well, from Legends Memorabilia who now is organizing all of Rick’s appearances and who asked everyone of our table what their charm meant (to which I could not contribute anything since it wasn't mine), and Dan Shea, the stunt coordinator, RDA's stunt double and "Sgt. Siler" on „Stargate“.

When Dan learnt that I am German he told me about Franka Potente, which he would hang upside down the next day. Franka Potente has a nice normal body and this time they actually had to bolster up the stunt woman to make her look like Franka, while usually the actresses are so thin while the stunt women have more muscles and such. Plus Franka wears a very tight costume and so they didn’t know yet where to hide the holster, because of course they would not really hang her upside down.

I also told Dan about that day I watched a German TV talkshow with comedian Karl Dall and was very surprised when they suddenly showed some Stargate scenes! Reason is, his daughter Janina works as a stunt woman and Dan knew her of course. Told me she got smashed in the face by a foot in that scene when they all are tumbling down a hill in chains in the episode “Demons”.

He also showed us his calling sheet on his mobile phone screen. He seems to be a very busy man, is involved in almost every production taking place in Vancouver.

A picture from Penjab, showing Dan Shea:

He also told a very funny story about the Avalon convention 2006 in Wells (the first one ever with RDA). Dan's plane arrived late because the toilets were not working, so they could not start. He sat there on the Airport wondering whether he should get back to his Al Pacino movie instead and forget about the whole journey. But he flew over, though nobody was there to get him, they told him to get on the bus to Wells. But he almost ended up at a bus to Wales, which was many kilometres further away. Reason is the British dialect, they did not understand what he wanted. Then he arrived in his hotel but opened the wrong door (which all were very tiny, he bumped his head) and there was this old couple in the bed, and the old guy (looking like Mickey Rooney) sat up and yelled: “Sergeant Siler!”

Dan is such a funny guy. He also talked about how he had to cover for “Big Boy” (RDA) at the convention, because he was late, so they gave Dan a microphone and said he should tell the people some stories, which he did for almost an hour in a room that looked like a class room. Too bad it was not my session! Must have been hilarious.

Dan looked behind himself now and then and asked us: “Has he moved?” and when Rick moved to the next table, Dan moved as well.

A while later the evening came to an end, with Rick leaving us entirely. He almost was out of the door – when he dashed back and snatched a little cake from the dessert buffet. Much like in the episode “Urgo”. Everybody that had seen it laughed so hard, because it was such a Rick/Jack thing to do. We knew we had a lot to look forward at the weekend.

Next - Part 5: Friday, August 6th 2010, opening ceremony

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