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Introduction: Klingons are in da house!

I hadn't even known that these existed until I stumbled about them on ebay. Apparently they are very rare and hard to get, so I am happy I got them for a relatively normal price. This is Kor (left) from "Errand of Mercy" and Kang (right) from "Day of the Dove". Both good episodes about that fighting is never going to resolve anything and that we should learn to live with each other and the differences.

More pictures behind the cut!

They look really good:

 photo DSC01416.jpg


 photo DSC01410.jpg

I am still marvelling about them being able to do this - my Stargate and Torchwood/Doctor Who figures can't put their arms sideways (the Arrow figures can though). He also has a great range for turning his head sideways or on an angle

 photo DSC01420.jpg

I am also still marvelling that I can actually bend their legs on the knees and keep the feet still flat at the ground, as there is another joint there. My Stargate figures would topple over if I tried that, as they can't stand just on their tiptoes and heels.

 photo DSC01426.jpg

But here, I can do poses like this (still having fun with Jack Bauer obviously):

 photo DSC01430.jpg

 photo DSC01401.jpg
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