December 16th, 2008


AFT SG: SG-1 is decorating the Christmas tree in Jack's house / SG-1 schmückt den Baum in Jacks Haus

Daniel has his doubts. "Ja-ack, isn't that tree a tad too large?"  photo Schmuumlcken08a.jpg "Shut up, Daniel!"  photo Schmuumlcken01a.jpg  photo Schmuumlcken03a.jpg  photo Schmuumlcken04a.jpg "Carter, could you pleeeeease hold still the ladder? For crying..."  photo Schmuumlcken05a.jpg "Does anybody require nourishment? I believe those are called 'Lebkuchen'"  photo Schmuumlcken10a.jpg Jack: "There is no way I will ever be able to disentangle this. I feel like Clark Griswold..."  photo Schmuumlcken09a.jpg