July 1st, 2009


Customizing: Karl May figures

My today's picture post is a bit OT regarding Stargate action figures (I have to work a bit yet on the next pictures before I can post them) but I really want to show you what I recently found in one of my shelves. It also shows that my love for little figures goes way back to my childhood.

In my youth I was a big fan of Karl May. Karl May was a German author of books about the Wild West, and about the friendship between a German and an Apache chief. He also lived and wrote not far away where I live.

So, I once made those figures from Suralin, which is plasticine that can be hardened in the oven, like FIMO. Those are a bit smaller than the Stargate actionfigures, approximate 4". If you want to see more details you can click on the pictures to make them "BIG-GER"

This is Winnetou, the Apache chief.

Winnetou front (every child used to know the rifle with the silver nails):


Winnetou back:


I actually didn't realize that cowboy boots were meant in Karl May's description, that's why my boots rather look like soldier ones. Please bear with me ;)

Old Shatterhand front (one rifle in hand, one on the back):


Old Shatterhand back:


Old Firehand front:


Old Firehand back:


I also made a little tee pee and the thing next to it shall be the three legged thing which Indians use to sit/lean on:



And a peace pipe and a tomahawk:


And also two fires:


The totem pole is also not accurate at all, I just went with my imagination there:


Even though all the flaws and the shiny coat which made it difficult to photograph I am very proud about all the details and work I put in there. Hope you like it, too!

PS: If anywone is interested, at the age of 16 I also built a K.I.T.T. model from scratch.

K.I.T.T. from "Knight Rider"