August 30th, 2009


AFT SG-1 Episode: "Bane" / "Insekten des Todes"

This is the very first scene we ever did. I had gone previously through my drawers and found this dragonfly. It's from a so-called table fireworks (not sure if you know those?), which we let explode at New Year's Eve and all kind of little plastic things rain down. I keep such stuff for years in case one day I can use it.

Die erste Szene, die wir je gedreht haben. Die Libelle stammt aus einem Tischfeuerwerk zu Silvester.

So, we made the famous scenes from "Bane".

Die berühmte Szene, als Teal'c gestochen wird.

Jack tries to shoot it:

Jack versucht noch, es abzuschießen:

But it's too late, and now Teal'c pupates:

Aber zu spät, Teal'c puppt sich nun ein:

PS to woodencoyote This is my cotton ball special effect I was referring to!

In case any of my English friends wonder what the German title of the episodes means: It translates to "Insects of Death". Yeah, much more dramatically than just "Bane". They do that a lot around here, calling episodes "Apophis returns" (The Devil you know) or "Sha're's death" (Forever in a day) or also "Virtual nightmare" (Gamekeeper). But the "best" was "The downfall of the sun god" (Serpent's song) which refers to Apophis even though we all know that Ra had been the god of the sun.

Okay, I'm done with my rant now. Enjoy!