November 20th, 2010


MTM report - (halfnaked) Dan Shea on stage - Vancouver, Friday, August 6th 2010

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Part 6: Q&A Dan Shea (Sergeant Siler/stunt coordinator/Rick's stuntman)

Rick had left to his first photo session and the stage was entered by Dan Shea who immediately started to make fun of Rick, that he, Dan, is in so much better shape and not out of breath after doing the two steps up onto the stage, and then he yelled: “And my cell phone is still on! It vibrates and it feels good!” Because Becky had told us to switch off cell phones, but he got calls from work all the time and needed it. He also wondered why he was doing the first talk, he thought that Rick should have had the honour doing it, since it was his weekend after all.

But we did not mind at all, laughing and then oogling when he started to do push-ups with his feet on the high chair – and with his shirt off. And you could see the work of his muscles very beautifully, if I might say so. He entertained us quite a while with this, telling us to count but then jumping ahead with the numbers. The only ones that did not join into the wolf whistles were the stewards at one side of the room. He asked them: “Are you bored?” ;) He also made fun of two blonde girls, twins, sitting in the first row right in front of him.

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