February 5th, 2011


MTM report - first Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson - Vancouver, Friday, August 6th 2010

Previously - Part 6: Q&A Dan Shea (stuntman/stunt coordinator)

Part 7: first Q&A with Richard Dean Anderson - Friday morning

He announced proudly that he is – thanks to daughter Wylie – on Twitter now. And throughout the weekend he wrote many messages, sometimes at three in the morning, that he could not sleep, or so important stuff like that he just came out of the shower. On Burrard street I saw this sign on a bus stop – I always got reminded of Rick by it somehow! „I can twitter“ LOL

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On to part 8 - Barry Campbell talks about Stargate filming in the Arctic

Many thanks to "you know who you are" for the scribbled down RDA quotes!