September 24th, 2011


AFT: Part 3/4 of Miniature Doctor Who/Torchwood convention

Part 1 - stage panels - was here

Part 2 - dealers room - was here

Today we are holding the photosession. The women are standing in line since the early morning.



The photographer is a professional and also able to calm down nervous girls. Not everyone is used to standing next to a star!


Of course John Barrowman's down-to-Earth-ness and cuddles also help.


If you spend a bit more money, you also can have two stars at once in your picture. This lady here seems to enjoy the sandwich - who wouldn't want to swap with her?


The age of John Barrowman fans runs from 9 till 99, and this elderly lady is the living proof of that:


I like her sense of taste and hope to be like her when I am old!

I am very sorry for all the fans of Matt Smith, who also was at this convention - I totally forgot to take any pictures with him. Reason is, I had to do this set alone while my friends already were on their travel home, and well, alone it isn't as much fun as with others together. I'm sure we could have come up with many more ideas for photos - maybe next time!

Part 4 - autograph session - is here