June 7th, 2012


Travel to Peterborough - pictures and mishappenings

I already told about the Peterborough convention and shared all my pictures of the convention called "The Greatest show in the Galaxy" here:


But is anyone interested in hearing about the actuall travel? Considering how much went wrong, it is amazing I still got everywhere in time. Hear my story:

The plane in Dresden was supposed to leave at 12.50 PM. When I arrived they said, 20 minutes later, due to some repair work. Now I appreciate that they won't let us fly with broken plane, but then again I only had one hour in Frankfurt before the next plane left, and whoever has done the walk from terminal A to B knows it is a long one.
Amazing enough we still arrived at the right time, maybe we had some wind from behind! Oh, while I was on the plane they announced that it was now gate B47 I had to go to, not B23. Small detail.

So I made it, and even had time to eat a sandwich with Parma ham. Out of all the other options, this was the cheapest one. Tell you, Frankfurt airport is quite an expensive area!

Thanks to my co-worker I only had taken hand-luggage with me, as it would have been awful if I made the connection but my suitcase missed getting on the second plane. So when I arrived in Heathrow I could go straight to the tube station and go to King's Cross station. There I wanted to take the train to Peterborough. And there it was where all went wrong.

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That's it, that's my travel report. Wonder what will happen in two weeks when we fly to London for the John Barrowman concert. At least I know the way from B to A and vice versa now ;)