October 15th, 2013


Birthday gifts part 1

So you probably have heard by now that on Monday it was my 40th birthday... no comments please ;) But I got a wonderful and unique gift from my brother. I have to explain it. Back in Eastern Germany days, we used to do coasters made from beads. NOT like the kids do it now, with putting them onto a frame and then ironing them together - like in this picture . No, we would use a needle and thread to sew them together, like this picture The thread goes either through one bead and then seperates to two beads and then together through one bead again and so on.

The sets in which the beads and threads and also some patterns came, looked like this

So now you can appreciate the awesomeness of what my brother did, making the pattern all by himself. This is something you can buy nowhere!

 photo Dalek600x450.jpg

Some years ago he also made me a Superman logo:

 photo Superman600x450.jpg

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