October 20th, 2013


Model of Torchwood SUV - first step

First step in making a model Torchwood SUV. Today I made the hood! If I had just used the papercraft model I found in the internet, it would be all flat, but I wanted it to be a bit more 3-dimensional. It's very iconic after all. Again it pays off that I am good at geometry and can think 3-dimensional (which I also use for my job of drawing houses and such). So I cut out the bits and then used black paper to make those half round thingis. I rolled it over a pencil to make it round.

A second smaller piece of paper was used for the bottom. I like how it turned out! Especially the top where the hood changes curves was not easy to get right but in the end it is not so much different than when I was making my first papercraft models together with my father. Aw, childhood memories.

 photo PA200068600x450.jpg

 photo PA200016600x450.jpg

It doesn't look so good froom the back, but I don't want to win a beauty contest.

 photo PA200069600x450.jpg

Also, trusted UHU glue, what would I do without you.

Please don't mind the white tears, I will print the cover again and glue it over.