March 20th, 2014


Entry 1 for the John Barrowman Fedcon comic

Last year for Fedcon, some friends and I from the Torchwood4fans group on Facebook made a funny little comic to give to John at Fedcon. And since last year I want to show it to you but never got around to it. Everyone drew pictures about funny real life events he told about either on tour or in his books. Some amazing artwork out there - sadly since the group is a closed group now I can't link to the other pictures anymore. Maybe we can upload them somewhere else, stay tuned! In the meantime, here is one of my entries. I made the pictures a bit bigger this time, so you can see all the details well. I put a bit of work into creating the Cardiff house living room, with the paintings at the wall and the planes at the board and the Welsh flag pillows on the couch. If you wonder how I know what it all looks like - he shares so many pictures and videos with us where you can see it.

You can also view a some more close-ups of the party scene