April 21st, 2014


Pictures from the costume contest at Starfury "Midnight" convention December 2012 in Birmingham

I just looked through my pictures and realized I never showed everything from the Starfury "Midnight" Convention in December 2012 in Birmingham. Once I am finished with the "Miracle Day" pictures I shall continue here. So far I only showed me and David Tennant but there were some more of course. But then it was Christmas, and then it was January and I travelled to Glasgow for the first time to see John Barrowman in Jack and the Beanstalk and then I forgot.

But I want to show you some of the wonderful costumes, after the costume contest we were able to take pictures with them and they were awesome! So look behind the cut, there are many more.

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 photo Silent_zps2d84c79b.jpg


 photo Ood_zps861dc958.jpg

Plushie pictures 1

I'm inventing a new category today. I am doing action figure theatre, and my brother does plushie theatre. And between him and my mother, they have a LOT of those. Which are sitting around whenever there is something to eat, and sometimes this makes for funny scenes. So, to show you that I am not the only crazy one in the family, my brother wants to share those pictures with you ;)

Yeah, totally normal in our household. At the first one they are sitting all at plates with fish:

 photo DasgroszligeFressen17.jpg

And the second one is called "food chain". The mouse eats the cheese, and the leopard eats the mouse.

 photo DasgroszligeFressen23-Nahrungskette.jpg