October 26th, 2014


Fanfiction: Torchwood - "Naked Roulette", M

Title: Naked Roulette
Author: dieastra
Beta: Thank you tardisjournal for the beta!
Rating: M
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato
Word Count: 1.970

Summary: The Torchwood team plays a rather unusual game of roulette.

Notes: This story was inspired by a drabble with the same title by iantojjackh You can read it here: http://iantojjackh.livejournal.com/106647.html
Posted with permission. Thank you for that!


„Go jogging for an hour,“ Ianto had said. “Wear yourself out. Then come back to me.”

So Jack did. While he was running through the park, his mind started wandering. Wandering and wondering what Ianto had in store for him this time. He loved it when Ianto took control once in a while.

After running easily for a while, he steadily increased the pace and at the end of his run he was breathing heavily and feeling a satisfying tiredness. He couldn’t wait to get home. When did he start to think of Ianto’s flat as home, he mused.

When he came in through the door, all sweaty and exhausted, he wanted nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa and – probably? hopefully? – nice slow lovemaking. He tried to kiss Ianto on the spot, but was turned away.

“Patience, Jack. Go shower first. No need to get dressed afterwards.”

“Yes, Sir!” Jack flipped back and went to shower in a new world record. When he came back, he was disappointed to find that Ianto still was fully dressed. Clearly this evening was not going to Jack’s expectations so far.

And more weird things happened. Ianto had put the big table into the middle of the room, covered it with a green blanket, and set out body paint in the colours red and black.

„Lie down at the table, Jack. Face up, arms at your side.”

Ianto then turned and busied himself with his colours and a book Jack could not see the title of. Jack was so surprised that he just did as he was asked, but gave Ianto a puzzled look. Not that it didn’t do any good, being wasted at his backside. Which was actually a very nice backside, Jack noticed.

Ianto added a pillow under Jack’s head. “Now close your eyes.” Jack did that as well but of course not completely; he peeked under his eyelids as he was curious about what Ianto would be doing next.
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