March 7th, 2015


Customizing: I made a scimitar for my Dark Archer figure!

I don't have the Dark Archer figure yet - John Barrowman has, lucky guy! Here is a picture:

But I loved the scene of John sharpening his scimitar and I wanted to make one. Thanks to the people at linguaphiles I also was able to put the right Arabic writing on it. According to this comment it does mean Magician - but it does not mean Al Sa-Her.

 photo 5 600 x 337.jpg

I cut out the pieces from clear plastic, and a piece of wood (shashlik stick) for the handle:

 photo P2150005600x450.jpg

I glued it all together:

 photo P2150014600x450.jpg

And then I painted it:

 photo P3070008 600 x 450.jpg

Although I was very tempted to buy this brooche on ebay - John Barrowman loves rhinestones:

 photo dscn4481_1200x900_ 600 x 450.jpg