April 12th, 2015


Dark Archer Arrows

So, I am calling all Arrow experts here (yes bloodsong13t I am looking at you)
Yesterday I said that the Dark Archer figure came with the same Arrow like Oliver Queen. But comparing them today I realize, this is not true.

The Dark Archer's is longer (John would love that):

 photo P4120003 600 x 450.jpg

Also, the tips are different:

 photo P4120004 600 x 450.jpg

So why pray tell did they paint it green and yellow like the other (also the tip is green)?!?

 photo P4120002 600 x 450.jpg

The ones in his quiver are black:

 photo P4110027.jpg

So is it safe to say I can paint it all black yes? Just checking before I make a mistake. Thanks!