May 14th, 2015


AO3 Kudos meme

Interrupting the posting of my convention pictures to take part in the AO3 Kudos meme, snatched from chamilet Looks like a fun idea!

So, here are my top 10 kudoed fics (and some action figure stories) on AO3:

1. Hands (25 Kudos)
Fandom: White Collar
Who would have thought that my first foray into the White Collar fandom would get the most kudos? Clearly I should write more! The story is set after the end of season 5, when Neal got kidnapped.

2. Leisure time (18 Kudos)
Fandom: Sherlock
Action figure pictures of Sherlock and John having a nice quiet day at home.

3. The Lives and Deaths of Malcolm Merlyn (12 Kudos)
Fandoms: Arrow, Torchwood
How Jack Harkness became Malcolm Merlyn.

4. Caught (12 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
Written after seeing some spoilerish pictures for the finale of season 1. Obviously AU as the actual episode was a bit different. It's about Oliver Queen and Malcolm Merlyn finding out their identities as Arrow and the Dark Archer.

5. The Torchwood Team bakes Christmas cookies
Fandom: Torchwood
Action figure pictures of the Torchwood team baking Christmas cookies.

6. Feet (8 Kudos)
Fandom: White Collar
The conclusion to my other story "Hands"

7. Back (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
A story about Malcolm Merlyn being caught and tortured in Nanda Parbat by Ra's al Ghul.

8. How I met my father (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
A missing scene from the end of season 2 - how exactly did Thea know where to find Malcolm?

9. ALS ice bucket challenge, Torchwood style (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Torchwood
Action figure pictures - What the title says.

10. Darkness on the edge of town (8 Kudos)
Fandom: Arrow
Action figure pictures of a famous scene in the season 1 finale - the fight between the Arrow and Malcolm Merlyn.

Torchwood Miracle Day 2 convention - 2 more John Barrowman

Previous pictures:

2x John Barrowman

James Marsters

Group pictures

Kai Owen

Phew! On Monday John Barrowman had to cancel a TV show where he wanted to promote his upcoming tour because he had lost his voice. We all feared he had gotten ill at the convention from hugging all those people. I especially was worried as it had been me who said that I had wanted to touch his biceps, and he took off the hoodie he wore to show off his muscles, and then stayed like that for the rest of the pictures. It was cold and drafty in the room, and I never would have forgiven myself if it had been my fault that the concert on Saturday needs to be cancelled!

But today he tweeted a video, he is rehearsing and looking good, and it was actually a bad reaction of his shellfish allergy (again). Even traces of it in his food make him go ill. He says he is better now but we were quite worried the past few days.

So, now I can show you what I got to do with him! This biceps was really firm, I pressed it hard.


I also got shooting lessons: