June 12th, 2015


Introducing: Amok Time

See also this post for Kirk in green shirt

Guess wich episode I watched today? LOL
I HAD to have this set. You'll see why. Also I am pretty sure tomorrow I will be hit by the urge to buy a Mirror Mirror Kirk... Show, what have you done to me.


Look at that detail!


This is how he got it:


The only gripe I have, they can't hold their weapons (lirpa) very well. The handle is too thick. It only fits into one had barely, but I am afraid of breaking the fingers of the other if I force it.



Also not sure what to do with this, as I have nothing to hang it from:


I guess I'll have to make a stand! I also need a worried looking McCoy watching the battle.

We even got the small hammer Spock was using! And we can break the plate into pieces:


Awesome. Simply awesome.

Introducing: Kirk in green shirt

Apparently the post strike is over, as today my poor neighbour was hit with four parcels for me. This is parcel 2, see this post for parcel 1 and "Amok Time"

So here we have Kirk in green shirt, as seen in the episode "The enemy within" from season 1 where he gets split into two.


Look at that detail!



He comes with these items. Once I have enough of those phasers I'll customize one to be closed and then I'll try to find a way to stick it to their hips. Can you tell that I am totally obsessed? LOL


He can hold the communicator and the phaser quite well:


But I am most happy with the bottle of Saurian Brandy, as this is the only figure that comes with this, and I am glad I got it MIB so nothing was missing.