July 7th, 2015


A hard day's work

A hard day's work (especially at 30+ °C / 86+ F)
I'm quite proud of doing it all by myself, especially since the instructions showed two guys. Heh!

2,5 hours plus I had to unscrew and rescrew a couple of times as it was the wrong way around. Plus they didn't always give any holes or signs of where the screw was supposed to go, it was rather "make up your own".

This is standing in the kitchen, behind the door, as the kitchen table is where I do all my action figure pictures and also crafty work, so I figured it would be nice to have all the assessories nearby and not have to walk through the whole flat all the time just to get something. It should also help keeping the kitchen table clear for the purpose it's meant to be, as often I was too lazy to tidy it all away.

 photo DSC00433 400 x 600.jpg

 photo DSC00434 400 x 600.jpg