July 25th, 2015


figma - "The Thinker"

And now for something different. I hear it is the first of many more planned. I shall collect them all. figma - "The Thinker" comes with lots of different hands, as well as a second back (which has a hole so you can put it on the stand for posing) and a second head (which has no hole where his thinker hand is going in the mouth) But I have no idea what to do with the small green thing in the plastic bag. Anyone? Also - finally a figure that can do Jack's famous arm crossed pose!

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Another new guy: John Tracy from "Thunderbirds"

Apparently I am becoming a sanctuary for action figures. This one was sent to me from Belgium with love. He even wrote a letter! Awwww. Due to his age, he is a bit wobbly in the knees. I shall find seating roles for him in future stories.

The background is a picture I painted a while ago. It only now occured to me that I can paint any background I want.

Part 2: The big wash

Part 3: Getting dressed

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