August 11th, 2015


AFT Star Trek: Kirk with reading glasses

Edit: There is a second part to this story now here: Where's my book?

Catching up on my Star Trek movies - yesterday I watched "The Wrath of Khan" in which we see Kirk with reading glasses for the first time. I couldn't resist making this scene!

PS: Great movie! Not one boring minute. Exciting, gripping, yet enough room for character moments and even a little bit of humor. When Kirk got out the handkerchief I LOLed ;) And I just adore Bones in all his grumpyness.






New Sherlock action figure

Apparently later this year we will get a 5" Sherlock figure! Another line to spend my money on LOL I think he looks quite good though and surely will be happy to join my family of figures. Imagine him and Jack Harkness comparing who has the cooler coat? Oh, I can't wait.

Also, I love when the figures come with lots of nice accessories.


I already own the Big Chief 12" figures (second picture)

 photo D3002.jpg

 photo PA250059.jpg