September 23rd, 2015


Fic recommendation: Allegiance, by IsmayDeVain (Star Trek 2009)

I don't often recommend fic, one has to be really outstanding for me to do so. So please believe me that this one is. I was just searching for a little whump bedtime story, and stumbled about this gem.

Rated: T
Words: 13,468
Summary: It's no secret that Jim Kirk will lay down his life for his crew. An alien race is holding five of Jim's crew hostage and he has to bargain to set them free. But all he has is himself. So what is he willing to sacrifice? Life, liberty, or limbs?

So yes, there is a bit of whumping going on, but this is not the central part of the story. The central part is the relationships between Kirk and his team, which are all written spot on, and there are short flashbacks for each one of them, and the end is so moving that it made me indeed cry. Which is a first for a whump fic.

The writing style is superb, each word where it belongs, slowly building up the pressure, until the end where not only Kirk crumbles, but the reader does as well.

So, if you are a fan of the young new Enterprise team of the Abramsverse, go read it. That's an order. And if you prefer the old team, read it anyway.

Funny side note, I only just yesterday watched the first new movie in full (after having given up the first time after only ten minutes and after grumbling all the past weeks and months about how these movies are cold and only special effects and that they don't make me feel anything etc. etc. but now they suddenly do) and this is the first story I actively sought out with the new team, while with other fics previously trying to read them with the old team in mind (which not always works).

I see the author has a list of White Collar fics as well. If they are as good as this one, I am surely checking them out. But not tonight.