October 23rd, 2015


Sherlock miniature sets

For all the Sherlock fans at my friends list! Please click this link to a wonderful entry who has collected some awesome miniature work in the Sherlock world. Re-creating the famous living room, and someone even made figures of Sherlock and John.

And then there is also a tutorial about how to do Baker Street 221b in a matchbox. Simply awesome.

Here's the link: http://aletheiafelinea.livejournal.com/96094.html

Karl Urban and "Almost Human" and a famous cabin in Vancouver

So *looks around* Any Karl Urban fans among us? I only knew him as Doctor McCoy in the new Star Trek movies so far, but have started watching "Almost Human" now and love it. I also plan to get "The Loft" from the library next week. That sounds like an interesting movie.
And yes, I know he also was in "Lord of the Rings", and no, I still don't plan to watch it. We'll see how long that lasts...

Today I watched episode 4. They said they were going to a cabin. As soon as they said it I knew there is only one cabin in Vancouver which has been seen in many movies and TV series - here is a screenshot from the episode:

 photo Huumltte 600 x 339.jpg

And here is a picture I took in 2008 while being in town for Gatecon, as I know this cabin as Jack O'Neill's cabin in Minnesota in "Stargate":

 photo Htte2.jpg

And just for fun a picture of Karl Urban from Episode 3. So yeah. As I said: Any fans of him around here?

 photo Karl 600 x 345.jpg