November 5th, 2015


Work of others: Stargate SG-1 Screw

(not to be mixed up with "Screw SG-1" which I once wrote in all innocence many years ago and then wondered why everyone hated me)

This is probably only for the hardcore Stargate fans. I just found it again while cleaning my computer. This shows how creative fans are, and how you can do action figure theatre without any action figures. This is simply brilliant and utterly genious, so if you have some minutes, go here and check it out:

What I am talking about is the small things - casting a golden screw as Apophis, or a thicker screw as Hammond, or a female screw as Stargate, and let's not even start on the ring transporter or the sarcophagus... See if you can find all the little things!

These are the episodes:

Episode 1
The first adventure of the team SG1 Screw! Jack, Samantha, Teal'c and Daniel meet the Goa'uld on a distant planet. Will they accomplish their mission?

Episode 2
The team Sg1 Screw is on a mission on an alien planet to help its inhabitants, decimated by a hideous alien monster that has enslaved them. What will become of them?

Episode 3 - part 1
Jack, Daniel, Samantha and Teal'c visit a planet famous for metalworking. The team discovers an ancient artifact and accidentally releases a group of replicators that threatens to destroy the planet.

Rise of the Guardian
We made an episode with images taken from the video of Rise of the Guardian . This will also support those who don't have a fast Internet connection to enjoy this story.

The page also has special features and extras. And if this post is only for me to never lose the link again, but maybe some of you may enjoy it as well!

Can anyone please tell me how I would make a picture like this clickeable so it leads directly to the website? I knew once but I forgot :( Thank you!

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