December 5th, 2015


Picspam: Christmas decoration 2015!

I wasn't going to, but then I've got lots new stuff and I always arrange it in a different way, so here is my Christmas decoration from this year. For close-ups and proper explanation of some of the props please refer to my previous posts Christmas decoration 2014 and Christmas decorations 2011

There are also a few candles in the candleholders still missing.

Wanna show me your decorations? I'm always interested how differently it is done in the different countries. Since you now also can buy American decorations over here. Is really anyone hanging a piece of pizza or a burger on their tree? LOL Or, for that matter, the Hallmark Star Trek decorations? I'll probably end up buying some for fannish reasons, I have a Stargate one with several sounds. But I don't think my father would like this on his tree.

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