Antje (dieastra) wrote,

AFT: Sherlock as a pirate

In alumfelga's own words: "In "Scandal in Belgravia" Mycroft and John try to figure out Sherlock, with his brain of a scientist and a heart of a philosopher (or something like that), but a decision to become a detective. Mycroft added, "initially, he wanted to be a pirate". :)"

Thank you very much for the awesome idea! So here's Sherlock as a pirate, with eye patch and... animals. Click the LJ cut to see the pictures in more detailed version:

 photo DSC01506.jpg

 photo DSC01509.jpg

 photo DSC01511.jpg

 photo DSC01514.jpg

 photo DSC01516.jpg

 photo DSC01524.jpg

 photo Pirat.jpg
Tags: action figures - sherlock

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