January 21st, 2016



My Thanksgiving picture on Tumblr, that was reblogged by the official Doctor Who Tumblr, has reached 1000 notes! Damn, I wanted to be the one that posted the 1000th. Last time I checked it was 995, I must have missed the others arriving.

Here's the link again: http://action-figures-in-action.tumblr.com/post/133986672035/happy-thanksgiving-to-everyone-that-celebrates

1000 may not seem much if you see other posts with tenthousands or even hundreds of thousands notes, but for me it is a big deal. Who would have thought it would reach that when I thought 582 was much already?

 photo Thanksgiving1.jpg

AFT Arrow: Row your boat

Now comes a really silly picture. I apologize in advance for the silliness. Like the “mummy” pic it was inspired by a discussion with my friends. I would have posted it yesterday, but Photobucket was acting up.

“Arrow” was back yesterday night. Some friends and I have just been silly, pretending we’ve never before heard of this show and wondering what it could be about. Has it pirates? You know, because of “Arrr!” - “Ow!” But then I heard them mention a Queen… and Speed(y) - drugs? There is also a canary - an animal show? Or a fashion show - there was a well dresssed man? And how does Captain Dark Archer from the Enterprise fit in with all this? Leaves me scratching my head ;)

I’m not exactly sure how we came from Arrow to “a row of rubber ducks” and Oliver and Malcolm rowing gently down the stream, but that was when I decided that I have enough of the ingredients to throw this quick picture together. Be careful what you wish for!

 photo DSC07245 600 x 412_1.jpg