January 23rd, 2016


AFT JB: Dogsled

A "Heroes and Villains" convention with lots of "Arrow" actors was planned for this weekend in New York. The Sunday will happen, but they had to cancel the Saturday because of the Governor declaring state of emergency. All the actors and fans that already arrived are stuck in their hotels because of the snow. But there are also lots of actors who did not make it due to cancelled flights, and they try to find a new date for the con now.

John Barrowman and Stephen Amell who made it are posting videos about the snow.

It's a blizzard mom. We are all snowed in-JB

The Snow is getting worse-JB

An update on Heroes & Villains Fan Fest (Happening!), my flu (still happening...) and being a Permanent Resident of The United States Of America who is still Canadian-SA

Edit: More funny videos coming in:

We can't make it over travel has stopped-JB

#Snowmageddon Katrina Law and I. #DontPanic-JB

The party has started. #snowmageddon #StrandedHeroesandVillains-JB

Live in #snowmageddon-JB

Making snow angels

Edit 2: Oh what a funny night! I am just catching up with all the videos from the party in the evening. Lots of singing by John and Stephen. Some of them are collected in this entry: http://amellynation.com/2016/01/23/videos-from-nocking-point-mixer-with-stephen-amell-robbie-amell-and-john-barrowman-saturday-january-23rd/

This is the best one: A duet by John and Stephen, with a kiss even: Music of the night from "Phantom of the Opera"

I feel sad for all the people who just wanted to have a nice and fun weekend. But at least they seem to be in the convention center now and the wine party is going to happen. So if you are in the area, go there!

And afterwards, this will be a very special memory, like the Stargate con that happened only a few days after 9/11. Who else can say they got funny snow pictures with John and Stephen? Things like that bring people closer together and they really do the best they can to make the fans happy. John already challenged Stephen to make some snow angels later (I just posted the video above). And Stephen just accepted the challenge. So, make the best out of it! And stay safe.

Yesterday we already were joking that John may need a dogsled to make it to New York. But then a friend said, he rather will pull the sled himself and have his dogs Captain Jack Harkness and Harris sit on it instead. So, I went out into the snow today to do this:

 photo DSC07275 600 x 402.jpg