January 31st, 2016


London 2013: Street performances

This entry is especially for alumfelga who asked to see these ;)

In March 2013 I did another UK trip because of that JB guy. This time we went to Greenhithe / Bluewater which is a huge shopping center, I believe the biggest in whole UK. We went to a booksigning of John and his sister Carole there, and I took the opportunity to give her the action figure I had made of her Otherwise a booksigning is not really recommended for meeting your star, you stand in line for hours and then it is just a brief chat of one minute or so.

But of course my friend and I did some more nice sightseeing in London. This was one of the most relaxed London trips I've ever had. We had no certain plans other than going to see the musical "Billy Elliot" in the evening, we just looked if we found something interesting. At first we went to Trafalgar Square to go to the National Gallery, and afterwards to Covent Garden, where we saw two (already a bit elderly) men performing on high wheels and juggling and the like, but it was a real great and funny show with their comments, we laughed a lot and they deserved the money they collected afterwards.

I was just enjoying the show and not thinking of taking any pictures or even videos there, but before we went into the National Gallery we also watched some street performances. There was one man who would not talk at all, he just took willing people and nudged their arms and feet and general body into a certain direction, until they stood in a very weird way, and then the man would insert himself into the pose, and suddenly it made sense, and someone else would do a picture of it. Like a frozen action scene from James Bond for example.

But I also really liked the guy who had drawn flags from many countries with chalk, and the tourists from those countries then threw money onto "their" flag. It was really interesting to see from how many different countries the tourists in London where that day! Here are some pictures (as usual, behind the cut)

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