March 5th, 2016


AFT SG-1: Exploring the world in a miniature park

Two years ago friends and I visited a miniature park with buildings from all over the world. I was told to bring SG-1 with me for the pyramides. Especially Daniel had great fun with them, trying to translate the hieroglyphs.
Here are finally the pictures! The Torchwood team had fun too, they went to the fortresses and old castles and such. I'll post them another day.











AFT Torchwood: Jack and Ianto are dancing

And this is what I needed that selfmade fireplace for! It's for the March competition in the Sixth Scale FB group with the theme "Dancing".

In my mind, Jack and Ianto rehearse at home for their wedding dance...

Very interesting what a difference a few well placed electrical tealights and candleholders make! I really should not put my Christmas decorations too far away. They certainly come in handy. But it is very straining, as I have to hold one in the air to light the faces, and photograph with only one hand. I did the first pictures in the afternoon but was not satisfied so waited till it was dark outside and did it again. The red one is what I posted in the contest. Two more (blue and green) under the cut.

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