March 17th, 2016


Throwback Thursday - Dollhouse TV

Do you know the pictures people post at Twitter and Facebook, for Throwback Thursday? Maybe I should take more part in this.
Today arrived this and I want to show it. I used to have such a TV on legs for the dollhouse in my childhood but then it was broken and we threw it away. I got nostalgic and got one from ebay. Mine was with "Hansel and Gretel" though, this one is "Snow White". It has a little plug for electricity so the screen lights up, and when you turn the wheel at the side the pictures change and tell the whole fairytale.

And look what stylish boxes we had back then in Eastern Germany! We always had to be careful to not waste stuff and also were big on recycling, so no plastic here, just cardboard. And it was just as big as it needed to be, no empty air bubbles here ;)

 photo DSC00111 600 x 400.jpg

 photo DSC00118 600 x 400.jpg