April 6th, 2016


Hauls: A Star Trek sickbay pillow

Look what I bought! I've told you about Star Trek Continues before and how wonderfully they continue the original series with Kirk and Spock and how much like the original episodes it all looks - music, camera, lights, costumes, actors. I've also told you about the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign they have at the moment.

But for a long time I couldn't decide which of the goodies to get to support this wonderful series. There are t-shirts, autographs, scripts, episodes for download. There are also more expensive options like meals or chats with the actors, or even a walk-on role or a set visit.

But yesterday something got added that I couldn't resist: A pillow made from the sickbay cloth. This cloth does not exist anymore, Vic had let it woven especially for the series. And one of those 20 pillows is now mine!

 photo kivsm6giyqh5qfow2i2x 600 x 338.jpg

There is a special story behind this. When x_erikah_x recommended it to me, the first episode I watched was number 4, "The White Iris". It starts with a sickbay scene and I remember the moment I realized that the beds had the exact right bedcover. That was way before I actually got to see the re-built bridge or anything. It blew me away and raised my expectations to much higher levels. I had actually come in being willing to overlook small details, but for a fan-series this is produced quite professionally - but everyone works for free, the collected money all goes into the production.

I'm also thinking about getting one of those coins Vic Mignogna designed for each episode. They were given to cast and crew as a thank you and seem to be very popular, the first set sold out very quickly.

 photo vbjbsangxxth2clbfhz2 600 x 256.jpg

I'd love to wear their t-shirt for my picture with Vic at Fedcon in May but sadly they will be only sent in August.

So, even if you looked at the Indiegogo page before, make sure to check back regularly as they keep adding new things. We finally made it over the 100,000 dollars mark but are still far away from the goal. If anyone deserves it, they are. I am usually very reluctant parting with my money, but I'll happily give if it means I'll get more episodes (you can watch them for free though, funding is not required for that. Just follow the link I posted above)

Even my action figures want to help with collecting money