April 19th, 2016


Shut up and take my money

Yeah, basically. This is one of the things of my flail post and what I am waiting to pre-order. And then it will take at least another half year to actually get.

I've avoided posting pictures of Jack so far (these are from a convention last November) as some of us felt that the face was a bit off. I have to agree, I don't see quite John Barrowman in there yet, and the reason is that they usually go for a neutral expression with their figures, so they can be used for more scenes. Just a little smirk would do wonders to him. They also said though that they are still working on the head and it was barely ready for the con. So I am confident that by the time it is finished, we will be blown away as usual. Also the actors are always hugely involved and it is only done with their approval.

Aside from all this, what also threw me, how young he looks! But of course it has been ten years already and unfortunately John is not a never aging immortal (although you wouldn't believe he is approaching 50 either)

From day one, when I ordered that first Eleventh Doctor, it was my biggest wish to get a Jack and I actually wrote it into the comments section.

More pictures of other planned figures (War Doctor, Eight Doctor, Rose, Ninth Doctor, Clara, Tenth Doctor in pyjama) here: Upcoming Big Chief Studios Figures

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