June 27th, 2016


Another one gone

This probably will only interest Germans but aside from all the international people, we've had our fair share of loss in Germany as well. And now another one has to be added to the list.

My brush with fame: Once after reading a Götz George biography I wrote a letter to the author. Seven years later I got a phone call out of the blue. It was the author who was about to write another book, and had re-found my letter on his desk and he said "I have showed it to Götz and he said it should be in the next book". It never came to that but - wow.

Officially voting for the year 2016 to start anew without all this crap. I have no idea what is happening lately! 77 is no age to die, not at all.
I used to watch everything with Götz George back in the Nineties, after I finally had discovered the awesomeness that is Horst Schimanski. And he was in so many versatile and different movies, and always great.


I once had done this comparison pictures. Doesn't he look like a young William Shatner? He also was doing all of his own stunts and action scenes.

 photo Shatner-George 600 x 400.jpg